Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Affiliate Marketing With Google Adwords

One of the best kept secrets in today's affiliate marketing
world is the pay per click advertising version with Google
AdWords. Adwords allows advertisers to place small ads on
websites or on search result pages. You probably
noticed the little advertisements to the right on

In Affiliate Marketing you are promoting 3rd party products and
in return you earn a share of a sale generated from your
marketing efforts. We all have seen those little
banners on different websites. These would be a very simple
form of affiliate marketing. More sophisticated versions are
complete stores build around or based on data feeds
from other vendors. In some cases the affiliate has to build
his own website and store - in others there are white label
website templates or pages available for the affiliate to work
with. Only when it comes to the actual sale the customer is
redirected to the 3rd party vendor who carries the actual

Not a new variant but a not very well-known version of
affiliate marketing is the promotion of affiliate product
links/websites via Google AdWords. The power of advertising on is combined with the affiliate link. The affiliate
partner does not need a website anymore, he directly links the
customer to the 3rd party. With Google AdWords very targeted
marketing is possible and well-written ads equipped with the
right keywords can bring in big bucks. All the affiliate has to
do is to figure out which keywords are affordable to promote.
And that's where secret to success is. Everyone can buy the
expensive and obvious keywords to promote products but when it
comes to affiliate success via PPC advertising (aka Google
AdWords) the inexperienced marketing folks are being weeded out
or are left with big holes in their pockets. Finding the right
combination of keywords, target group, ad copy is the critical
piece of the puzzle.

Overall - affiliate marketing via PPC on Google or via Overture
(competitor of Google AdWords) can be very lucrative and quite a
few people are making a living of it. It sounds easy to do but
to break into this field a new affiliate needs a lot of luck,
big bucks or patience and knowledge.

About The Author: Christoph Puetz is a successful Entrepreneur
and international book author. Homepages: and


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