Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Online Ads Increased Tremendously!

60 percent increase of online-ads last year to € 885 m in Germany.
This strong growth arose basically from search engine ads like GoogleAdwords (+120%). 2006 an increase to €1.3 bn is expected.

What does this mean for the internet marketers?

The answer is simple. We have to attend this increasing markets and have to market our products in the customers language.

99.9% of the entrepreneurs online never think about…


Okay, a lot of you are most likely thinking to yourself, "how can I focus on any foreign market when I don’t speak those languages".

Here is a possible solution: Just recently I got my hands on an AMAZING tool that makes the issue of "I don’t speak the language" no longer an issue.

But before I tell you about this new tool let me get into why it's so important for you to put effort into hitting foreign markets with your marketing.

1. Your AdSense - Google’s mediabot (the robot that looks at your AdSense sites and decides what type of ads to display), is 100% capable of telling what language your site is in and showing ads in that language.

Did you know that Google has search engines made specifically for almost every language out there?

It’s true and they have AdWords advertisers (where our AdSense ads come from), who market to these foreign language markets.

By putting up BOTH English and foreign language AdSense sites you can start seeing MORE clicks in your AdSense account meaning bigger AdSense checks.

You just make your normal AdSense site, put it up and then convert that same site into foreign languages and load them up either on their own domains or in folders on the main AdSense site.

Then just do what you normally do to get those pages indexed and you're done - you just added more visibility to your AdSense ads which will mean more clicks and more cash.

2. Your Info Products - Don’t you think there are people in other countries trying to learn what you have to teach them. Especially if it’s about internet marketing. But also in more closely tight niches.

All you have to do is convert your info product into another language, then convert your salesletter and start using Google’s AdWords program to market the converted salesletter to it’s targeted audience and you’re done.

You just hit a foreign market!

3. More Profits - With both AdSense and info products being marketed to foreign markets you open the flood gates to more profits. Instead of focusing 100% of your effort to English speaking customers only, you can focus just as much on those English speaking customers and ALSO on foreign speaking customers as well.

This just makes total sense!

More customers, more profits…more AdSense site visitors (from the foreign markets), more AdSense clicks and more profits.

So as you can see moving into these foreign markets is actually the smartest decision you can ever take for your business and for your future income online.

But now back to the tool I was talking about earlier!

The tool I was talking about actually takes your existing websites and converts them into any of 12 different languages.

The tool is call ‘Multilingual Marketer’ and you can get your hands on it by clicking here.

I know I'll try to hit some foreign markets with my future AdSense sites and some other things as well and suggest you give it a go as well!

Multilingual Marketing Link


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