Thursday, March 09, 2006

Where To Get More Information on User-Generated Content

If you want some powerful ideas on user-generated content (and
whole lot more magnificent stuff), I know just the place.

I strongly recommend to get the superb report and video which
John Reese is giving away.

It's unbelievable, thought-provoking stuff. It will set your mind
buzzing with ideas.

Getting other people to create your website content for you is
one of the main topics in the Reese report he's giving away.

John Reese is far from ordinary. It takes very special qualities
to organize a million-dollar sales day.

If you subscribe to his newsletter, you'll learn about something
even more intriguing - how he spent about 120 hours setting up
what he calls a "little side business".

In just over a year, it has generated 17.1 million page
impressions and $526,744 in AdSense revenue, with NO advertising.

He calls it "Virtual Real Estate". I call it mouth-watering.

His newsletter subscribers receive all the juicy details. This is
absolutely must-have information for affiliates.

John's newsletter is expensive. But so is getting your ideas and
information from people who don't know what they're talking
about. I regard his newsletter as an absolutely essential

Get a sample.

Try the report and video he's giving away...


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