Tuesday, May 30, 2006

FreeAlerts Launches 'AdSense Expensive Keyword Alert'

FreeAlerts has launched ‘AdSense Expensive Keyword Alert’ and ‘Web Page Update Alert’ services.

AdSense expensive keyword alert service provides a daily list of expensive AdSense and profitable keywords.

Web page update alert service tracks changes of any selected pages and sends notifications to the subscribers.

Google AdWords Ad Alert tracks changes in Google AdWords ads for any given keyword and sends you notification whenewer new ads are detected.

To subscribe for AdSense expensive keyword alert service, click here.

To subscribe for Web page update alert service, click here.

To subscribe for Google AdWords Ad Alert service, click here.

For more information on the company, go to FreeAlerts.

FreeAlerts.org automatically finds new information you are looking for and sends it to you daily or weekly. It notifies you about industry-specific news, finds new business and marketing opportunities, saves your time and money.


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