Saturday, February 18, 2006

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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Interested in AdSense? THIS IS A MUST READ!

Today I've got an email which I think is very important to publish completely:

I figured that I needed to send this email and I ask that you simply take this email and forward it to your lists/friends whoever is an Adsense Publisher or looking to build an income with Google Adsense.

Lately, I've gotten a number of emails from people who are asking me "what should I do, Google just banned my account"

Upon further research and looking into the problem it seems all had joined a certain "Adsense Exchange" where you essentially pay and members rotate clicking each others ads. I don't want to give the exact URL cause many people being idiots will actually go and join! While you may see some immediate increases in your AdSense dollars, Google WILL BAN YOUR ACCOUNT. I cannot stress this enough, you will get banned. It may take a day, a few weeks, a few months but you'll get banned. No questions asked.

I stay on a few of these lists of these "illegal" site operators to stay on top of what's going on, primarily for my members. One eMail today exclaimed how they had gained massive growth! Over 15,000 new members clicking each others Ads. Again, I cannot stress enough. Don't join these programs! I don't know what else to say. If you are a member of any Adsense-Exchange site which asks you to pay a monthly fee and then in turn, you are promised so many clicks to your AdSense sites, don't do it! If you already are a member, quit TODAY! And stay as far away as you can.

If you are truly looking to earn an income with Google Adsense, there is NO QUICK ROUTE! You must have quality developed sites with fresh content being added. You must tweak your sites and make them somewhat unique! You must baby them.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Online Ads Increased Tremendously!

60 percent increase of online-ads last year to € 885 m in Germany.
This strong growth arose basically from search engine ads like GoogleAdwords (+120%). 2006 an increase to €1.3 bn is expected.

What does this mean for the internet marketers?

The answer is simple. We have to attend this increasing markets and have to market our products in the customers language.

99.9% of the entrepreneurs online never think about…


Okay, a lot of you are most likely thinking to yourself, "how can I focus on any foreign market when I don’t speak those languages".

Here is a possible solution: Just recently I got my hands on an AMAZING tool that makes the issue of "I don’t speak the language" no longer an issue.

But before I tell you about this new tool let me get into why it's so important for you to put effort into hitting foreign markets with your marketing.

1. Your AdSense - Google’s mediabot (the robot that looks at your AdSense sites and decides what type of ads to display), is 100% capable of telling what language your site is in and showing ads in that language.

Did you know that Google has search engines made specifically for almost every language out there?

It’s true and they have AdWords advertisers (where our AdSense ads come from), who market to these foreign language markets.

By putting up BOTH English and foreign language AdSense sites you can start seeing MORE clicks in your AdSense account meaning bigger AdSense checks.

You just make your normal AdSense site, put it up and then convert that same site into foreign languages and load them up either on their own domains or in folders on the main AdSense site.

Then just do what you normally do to get those pages indexed and you're done - you just added more visibility to your AdSense ads which will mean more clicks and more cash.

2. Your Info Products - Don’t you think there are people in other countries trying to learn what you have to teach them. Especially if it’s about internet marketing. But also in more closely tight niches.

All you have to do is convert your info product into another language, then convert your salesletter and start using Google’s AdWords program to market the converted salesletter to it’s targeted audience and you’re done.

You just hit a foreign market!

3. More Profits - With both AdSense and info products being marketed to foreign markets you open the flood gates to more profits. Instead of focusing 100% of your effort to English speaking customers only, you can focus just as much on those English speaking customers and ALSO on foreign speaking customers as well.

This just makes total sense!

More customers, more profits…more AdSense site visitors (from the foreign markets), more AdSense clicks and more profits.

So as you can see moving into these foreign markets is actually the smartest decision you can ever take for your business and for your future income online.

But now back to the tool I was talking about earlier!

The tool I was talking about actually takes your existing websites and converts them into any of 12 different languages.

The tool is call ‘Multilingual Marketer’ and you can get your hands on it by clicking here.

I know I'll try to hit some foreign markets with my future AdSense sites and some other things as well and suggest you give it a go as well!

Multilingual Marketing Link

Friday, February 10, 2006

So You Want To Be A Google Whore?

Lately I read an extremely interesting post up on John Chows blog for all those interested on making money with Google Adsense:

John Chow dot Com » So You Want To Be A Google Whore?:

Recently I had a discussion with Josh, who wants to be a Google Whore. Josh got in touch with me with a PM at Digital Point forums. He asked how I was able to start a new site (Laptop Gamers) and have it make money from day 1, while he has put up 44 sites and can barely make anything. Josh has created a blog to write about his AdSense experiment. You can read it here.

Now where did Josh go wrong? He put up 44 niche sites to my one, yet my one site is making more than his 44 combined. From reading his blog posting I can come up with a few reasons why Josh is having trouble. All you future Google Whores might want to pay attention to what I’m about to reveal.

If You Build It They Will Not Come

The key to being a Google Whore is not to have a bunch of websites. The key to being a Google Whore is all about getting traffic. Without traffic, a site makes nothing. This is a numbers game. I know that for every 1000 readers, I am going to get a certain percentage of people clicking on an ad. You can have 1000 websites but if no one visits, it’s going to be really hard to make any money.

The Key To Getting Traffic

The best way to get traffic to a new site is to have other sites in your field write about your site and link back to you. When Laptop Gamers was launched, I sent an email to over 200 technology based sites asking them for a news plug. Many of them gave me the news plug and that started the traffic to the site. Links from other sites were able to bring Laptop Gamers’ traffic to over 6,000 page view in one day. No matter what field you’re in, there are sites that offer news coverage on that field. Your job is to find those sites and add them to your news list. Once you have amassed this list, you will have in your procession a very powerful tool. The news list is the reason I was able to get traffic to Laptop Gamers so fast.

Now just because you sent a request to outside sites asking for a news plug doesn’t mean they’ll give it to you. This leads to the next key to making money on the net.

If you want to read more go to John's blog.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Affiliate Marketing With Google Adwords

One of the best kept secrets in today's affiliate marketing
world is the pay per click advertising version with Google
AdWords. Adwords allows advertisers to place small ads on
websites or on search result pages. You probably
noticed the little advertisements to the right on

In Affiliate Marketing you are promoting 3rd party products and
in return you earn a share of a sale generated from your
marketing efforts. We all have seen those little
banners on different websites. These would be a very simple
form of affiliate marketing. More sophisticated versions are
complete stores build around or based on data feeds
from other vendors. In some cases the affiliate has to build
his own website and store - in others there are white label
website templates or pages available for the affiliate to work
with. Only when it comes to the actual sale the customer is
redirected to the 3rd party vendor who carries the actual

Not a new variant but a not very well-known version of
affiliate marketing is the promotion of affiliate product
links/websites via Google AdWords. The power of advertising on is combined with the affiliate link. The affiliate
partner does not need a website anymore, he directly links the
customer to the 3rd party. With Google AdWords very targeted
marketing is possible and well-written ads equipped with the
right keywords can bring in big bucks. All the affiliate has to
do is to figure out which keywords are affordable to promote.
And that's where secret to success is. Everyone can buy the
expensive and obvious keywords to promote products but when it
comes to affiliate success via PPC advertising (aka Google
AdWords) the inexperienced marketing folks are being weeded out
or are left with big holes in their pockets. Finding the right
combination of keywords, target group, ad copy is the critical
piece of the puzzle.

Overall - affiliate marketing via PPC on Google or via Overture
(competitor of Google AdWords) can be very lucrative and quite a
few people are making a living of it. It sounds easy to do but
to break into this field a new affiliate needs a lot of luck,
big bucks or patience and knowledge.

About The Author: Christoph Puetz is a successful Entrepreneur
and international book author. Homepages: and

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Secret to Adwords Success

The Secret to Adwords Success: "It seems at the moment that everybody is telling you that the easiest and quickest way to make money online is with Google Adwords and affiliate programs.

It sounds so easy. You join a programme, get a link, choose a couple of keywords, put up an ad and the money flows. Many have tried and many have failed.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s possible to make money this way and to be very successful. There are many people making $100’s per day from their Adwords campaigns. But those that are successful don’t follow the herd, they think for themselves. "

6 more free steps to making money online

Monday, February 06, 2006

A Website Without Online Marketing: A Fruitless Tree

Have you quit your day job and invested time and money into your own online business? Are you wondering where those promised visitors and the profit from them have gotten stuck? Then read on here before your precious investment is fully wasted.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


I found a really great post by a guy who calls himself "Mr. Unconventional" over in the Warrior's Forum. He calls it, "How To Build An Online Empire, Step-By-Step." It's damn good...

Mr. Unconventional writes:


At first I would spend nothing but time doing research on my market. I need to find out what they want if I intend on selling them anything. (that "anything" includes marketing affiliate programs.)

For the product research I would start spending major hours online looking for peoples problems, wants and needs. You can find this info all over especially on newsgroups, forums, blogs and niche websites. The market is not important here, it can be in any market. I would compile a list of the most pressing questions and problems that my market has expressed.

I might even spend a hundred bucks or so at scriptlance, rentacoder etc. to have a research assistant help me dig up this info.

I would then find as many experts on the subject as I could and see if I could get the majority of those questions answered by a professional. This saves me time in hunting down all the answers myself, plus I would also have the opportunity to ask them if they would be interested in conducting an interview. This would add to my products value.

I'd probably create an ebook and set of mp3 interviews to start with. This gives me a price target between 50 and 100 bucks right off the bat and since it's all digital I will have a lot of leverage in terms of revenue.

Once I had a rough draft created I would start contacting some of the professionals I found as well as a few people from my target market. I'd be looking for testimonials and suggestions on improving the product. The market will tell me exactly what it wants so that I'm not wasting time, effort and money guessing.

Why guess when its so easy to know?

Side Note - Do you realize how many online (or offline) businesses fail because they tried to guess a market? DON'T GUESS, KNOW!

While I was waiting for the testimonials and reviews I would start getting everything that I needed in place to start selling the product. This includes hosting and all that other good stuff. I'd also start looking for affiliate programs that offered products and services my target market would be interested in. I can use these to boost revenue after the sale through my autoresponders.

I'm only interested in the basics until I can start generating some real revenue. Once I have solid revenue flowing I can upgrade, outsource etc.


1. $8.88 - Single Domain at

Staying focused on one product so I only need one website for the time being.

2. $19.95 - Account Single Month

Since I am limited in capital I will be using the bare minimum until I can start generating revenue. I will pay by the month instead of looking for a quarterly+ discount. I'd opt to pay a bit extra and only dish out 20 bucks right now because it leaves me more capital to advertise.

I'm choosing Aweber over anything else because they have the highest delivery rate online and have top notch support.

I'll also use this to deliver the product instead of spending more capital on download protection, ecommerce etc. Simple and effective. Hell if anyone really wanted to steal your product and start selling it they are going to do it regardless of what kind of protection you have.

3. $29.95 - Hosting Account For One Month

Sure I can get hosting a lot cheaper than this, but I'll pay a bit extra for hosting just to be sure my website is up when it should be. I don't need to deal with any headaches during any of my promotions and I'm happy to pay extra to get better service.

I would make sure this hosting account has cpanel with wordpress to make management a breeze and 24/7 support. (Wordpress will come into play later.)

4. $97.00 - Mini Site & Product Imagery

I would get a professionally designed web template and mock cover created. I want to focus on creating compelling copy and a quality product and not have to worry about design. This takes care of that problem. For a hundred bucks I can get a mini site template, ebook covers, order buttons, header footer etc. All I need to do is add in my copy, upload and I'm in business.

5. $19.95 - - Audio Management & Recording Service

Audio testimonials and a bunch of other useful tools to manage and serve audio from my site. Since this is a brand new product and I don't have a list, it's critical that I garner credibility. I can partially do that with quality testimonials.

I would actually purchase this first because I would use it to record my interviews too.

6. $97.00 - Affiliate Script (idev or post affiliate pro)

I would normally just use clickbank, but since they are going down hill fast I will use my own setup. Yep it eats up another hundred bucks, but affiliate sales are the heart of Internet marketing so this is a must have marketing vehicle that I cannot do with out.

Total Basics = $272.73


Once everything was in place, tested and the sales process working I'd start up my pay per click advertising machine and start looking for joint venture partners.

Joint Ventures & Special Offers

I'd be focusing on offering special deals to forum owners, list owners, niche site owners etc. I'd also be offering a special price on my new package to various newsgroups, forums etc. (I would have a list of these top resources from my initial market research.)

I would already have created a PDF report that included high quality content and possibly even some of the content directly from my product. I would then turn it into a viral report that my JV partners and affiliates could use to brand. This can be done free with open office. Simply create the report in the editor and convert it to pdf. I would manually create the branded reports as needed instead of spending capital on software. It only takes a few minutes per report.

I'd also take some time to write a bunch of articles and press releases that can be shuffled around the net. This is marketing 101 stuff though so I'm not going to go into detail.


7. $300.00 - PPC Campaigns - Pay Per Click Search Engine Marketing

I'd initially setup accounts with Adwords, Overture (YPN), and Findwhat. Once I had more revenue I would expand to other PPC services. This gives me near instant targeted traffic.

8. $200.00 - Newsletter Advertising

I'd first try to work out an affiliate deal with as many targeted newsletter publishers as I could find. Some obviously would not be interested. In fact, depending on the market, they might not be into affiliate program at all. I'd offer my product to them for free and seek an endorsement in that case and if that failed I'd
offer up some bucks to advertise.

9. $200.00 - Affiliate Recruiting

I'd head over to scriptlance, rentacoder etc and find an assistant or two who could start researching and recruiting website owners into my affiliate program. I would continue to increase the budget on this as more revenue came in. I'd still continue on my own seeking JV partners though.

As revenue came in I would increase my marketing budget and create a new account for R&D of new products. I would basically follow the same steps with these new products. Some of these new products would be big ticket items.

$27.27 - Left Over... added into PPC account.

Total Marketing = $727.27

Grand Total = $1000.00

That's how I would personally spend $1000 dollars to start a semi-automated online business that can quickly grow into an empire. There's a lot of other things I would do once revenue started flowing, but that's the basic plan I'd use and have used.

There ya go... now get out there and build your own Internet empire! You no longer have any excuses not to.

No further comments necessary!